Just a Head


What if you were just a head?  Over the years I have overheard my brother-in-law say this to my sister many times.  Always out of the blue.  They will be sitting the couch together watching a movie and he’ll turn to her and say “What if you were just a head?”  So here she is as just a head, floating over a Northern California spring landscape.  I omitted the cows, although I thought of having them float around with her.  We all got a good laugh.  This one was fun to paint because I was trying out a new (to me) technique where you paint the entire canvas a color, raw umber here, start without a drawing of any sort (I looked at a photo), and wipe back the lights and move around the paint until it looks like something.  Then I painted with color because she looked a little monstrous in monochromatic raw umber.  We thought she should be pretty, because she is. She displays it proudly, I think.

I painted this Feb 2015, one of my first portraits non college years.

16X20 oil on canvas


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