Music Star

I painted this star quickly this morning.  Right now this one is really wet, when it dries I will correct some of the lines and notes a little, and work with the shadows a little more.  But I’m impulsive and want to post it now.

I love music.  My kids take piano lessons with an incredible, inspiring, loving, demanding teacher.  She’s the best.  Her daughter made origami Christmas ornament stars out of sheet music and gave them as gifts.  I got one, it is darling.  I love it.  So I decided to paint a still life of it.  I didn’t notice until I was neatly finished that I had painted the back side of the star. The other side has a nice design, too.   I like the white star on white background.  Geoff is always saying “more paint” to me because he knows that’s my aesthetic, so here it is.  More paint.  I’ll write more about wonderful Geoff later.  He told me I could and he will give me a list of adjectives I can use on him and his work.  I’m still waiting for the list.

8×10 oil on canvasFullSizeRender-8


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