Show and Tell

I promise I didn’t paint all these today.  I did this little Mountain Bluebird (which is the Idaho state bird) the other day, I don’t think I posted it.  My kids get a kick out of it because it’s so skinny. 4X4″imageSo in response I painted this fat Mountain Bluebird 4X4″.  I like the little post he’s standing on.  Tomorrow I’m going to paint the female bluebird, she’s brown.image

Who knew how much I would enjoy painting jackrabbits.  This is my third one.  4X4″image

I painted this little fox today and my daughter tried to buy it from me. 4X4″


I sold these 2 little bluebirds about an hour after I painted them.  4X12″

imageI stated this painting when we are up in the mountains during Thanksgiving break.  This is our friends cabin that we stayed at.  She asked me if I would paint it for her since she is selling it and building a new cabin that’s right on the lake.  The cabin is adorable inside and out.  I hope I did it justice, there are sooooo many trees and it was soooooooo cold standing outside painting it.  I was shaking, I drank about 3 mugs of hot chocolate, but I did it.  I put the finishing touches on in my studio.  I love it, especially the baby swing.  It’s so warm and happy looking.  Even though it was about 20 degrees.  Brrrrrrr.


And that’s a wrap.

I’ve sold quite a few of my little 4X4″ wildlife paintings.  I enjoy painting that size and like trying different simple compositions.  I have a new goal for the new year, I’ll share that soon.  Thanks for looking!  I’ll be on Etsy soon selling my little original painting.  But if you see anything you’d like before then, please let me know.

Buenas noches!





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