Burrowing Owl

imageThis is my very favorite bird.  I’m not much of an animal person, unlike my boys who live for wildlife, but the burrowing owl is pretty charming.  There used to be one at the zoo here in Boise and it was about the only animal I enjoyed seeing.  My oldest son was the resident zoo expert and probably could have run the place at age 5.  He was very excited that I painted this owl.  4×4″ oil on a tiny canvas


5 thoughts on “Burrowing Owl

      1. Where are you having a show? Congratulations. It’s always a fun time sharing work at an exhibit. Best to you. You’ve got me setting up an etsy shop myself. Thanks.

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      2. Way to go, good muck with Etsy! There are 5 artists on my block and 4 of us are doing open studios. So that’s my show. So far it’s gone great and I’ve sold a lot in pre-sales. And I’m excited to just have the chance to show my work.

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