Baby Jackrabbit

imageI’m officially nuts.  I took my paints with me to my kids piano lessons (which are one hour each) and painted 2 little 4×4″ jackrabbits while I listened to their lessons.  I usually draw or knit and sometimes I do yoga on the floor.  We are lucky to have a wonderful and open minded teacher.  Anything goes.  Isn’t this bunny fun?  I like how little it is.  It will look good with the adult jackrabbit that I’m 90% done with.


6 thoughts on “Baby Jackrabbit

  1. Lovely painting. I totally understand that need to paint right now. Such a great way to enjoy the wait. Good luck next week. I am sure you’ll be updating us with the glowing reviews.

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    1. Thank you! I’m nervous and excited about the show. I’ve already sold a bunch of paintings so that feels good. That’s the best feedback, someone wanting my art and hanging it in their house. What an honor. And sometimes I freak out over it.

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