Foothills East

imageI carted my painting stuff out into the foothills today to paint this tree on the hillside.

I’m trying to figure out landscape painting right now, lots to learn.  There is always something new to tackle.  I want to figure out painting a landscape/cityscape.  So you’d see the foothills with Boise in the distance.  I think I’ve tried it 3 times now.  I haven’t really suggested buildings in the distance yet.  That’s what I’m going to tackle next.  I think I’ve figured out how to make it look like there are a bunch of trees and stuff in the valley.

I’m getting ready for my holiday open studio show/sale.  I’m going to do it with 3 other artists on my street.  I hope the locals here will like these little Plein air paintings I’ve been doing.image


I did these 3 Plein air.  I’ve found my paintings have a different and to me more interesting look when I paint on location.  It feels more authentic when the painting is only filtered through my eyes rather than through a camera and then my interpretation.  Although I don’t think there’s anything wrong with working from photographs.


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