Trees by the river

imageHere’s today’s trees.  This morning  I went running along the Boise River greenbelt with some friends and the reflections of the trees in the river caught my attention.  This is a first hit, I’ll put some more time into it to see where it goes.  I’m way out in new territory with these trees and landscapes.  The white/gray sky is a little too sad for me, so I’ll change that some.


4 thoughts on “Trees by the river

  1. ahh! what a Delight. I love this!
    I always love that first captured moment… of glory, of that moment in time when everything stops.
    Which is what you’ve done right here.
    I see the white as a neutral space, aiding the eye, the design to the more key elements!! not sad at all for my eyes. And its because of… the white, the eye sweeps down and into the reflections unimpeded, like Magic! 🙂
    this is so beautiful, capturing that ‘fleeting’ moment… wonderful !

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    1. Oh my goodness Debi, thank you. I appreciate your feedback, I have a much harder time with trees and landscapes than portraits and figures. But I love trees and want to find my way to painting them. Thank you!!


  2. Oh, it’s beautiful! The way the colours ping off each other, the shapes suggested of the trees, the reflections… I think this is tremendous. 🙂


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