Munchkin on the Beach: done

imageI finished this one today, for the most part.  I might go back and do this or that but not much.  It came together fast and is more colorful that just about anything I’ve done.  I love color but am afraid of overdoing it.

I like the way her swimsuit turned out, I love painting stripes, and better yet, stripes with shadows.  I like the reflections in the wet sand.  Originally the sand was a lighter lavender, but I came back and darkened it.  I don’t normally paint dark over light but in this case I like the effect.

14×18″ oil on canvas


7 thoughts on “Munchkin on the Beach: done

  1. The sand is perfect, all the colours just sing! This painting is chock full of good vibes. And I do really like the way you use a dark line under your painting to give a shaded edge on bodies (note to self…). 🙂

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      1. Hi Jill, you’re welcome. I do really enjoy the way you use paint. I’m just starting to get to grips with figure painting in acrylic, kicking off with a shared challenge with a friend to complete a portrait (we’ll both be using the same reference). I’ve a huge amount to learn, so this tip is very valuable, and I’m definitely going to give it a go, thank you! 🙂

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      2. Good for you! If it helps, I always start skin on faces or bodies using the dark tone, then the medium tone, then light. I block it in that way and then tweak, add color, blend, whatever. My fav flesh tones are Burnt Siena, Raw Siena, yellow ocre, cad red light, titanium white. And sometimes I use ultramarine blue to darken or grey down. I always start by putting out those colors. Acrylics dry fast and are hard for me to work with, but I imagine the colors are the same. Have fun!

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      3. Thank you very much Jill for taking the time to share the process and the colours you use. I have most of these, which is a good start (and gives me no excuse!). I might have to cool things up a little for chilly, blue-white European skins though. 😉 I know a lot of experimentation will be in order, as in the past when I’ve tried to put in deeper shade on skin the subject has ended up with an unintentional 5 o’clock shadow…you never have this problem, so I’m happily going to follow your advice! 🙂

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