Morning Paper-Finished!


I finished and signed morning paper today.      I glazed in a little color onto the floor, glazed the shirt which helped integrate the little floral print and brighten parts of the shirt, cleaned up the lines on the bookcase, and added a little color to the bright sunlight on her face.  Oh, and I warmed up the light coming through the window that’s shining on her and the newspaper.

I love it and would like to keep it for myself but it’s a commission piece so I will have to let it go.

On to the next thing.  I enjoyed doing this figure in an interior space, I have 2 paintings in mind, one outdoor scene and one indoor.  I took a pic of my son at his piano lesson and will probably paint it.

Have a great one!!

Thanks for your nice comments, they are much appreciated.  I enjoy having an audience, clearly.




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