Started something new!

imageFinally I have something started!  It’s been busy here since the arrival of Mr. Puppy.  He is a great, smart, lovable dog, but my word I AM TIRED!

Here we have a Monterey Cypress tree in beautiful, amazing, breathtaking Monterey California.  I started it recently and have a lot to do on it still.  36X48″  it’s a big one.

I took lots of photos in CA and look forward to painting all of them.

Hope summer is rolling along warm and well for you!  But my friends in Australia, it’s winter, right??

It’s HOT in Idaho.  I eat a lot of Popsicles.







6 thoughts on “Started something new!

  1. Looks beautiful so far Jill, very much look forward to seeing it’s progress! We’re suffering with the heat wave in New York too so I’m inside painting this weekend also. It is winter in Australia, but 45-65 degree days hardly compares to our winters!


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