I’ve been so busy with this guy that I haven’t painted for a bit.  Plus we just got back from a loooooooong vacation to CA visiting family.  We had a great time in my hometown and did all the usual things we do every summer: the beach in Medocino, Yokayo Pool, lots of pizza and movies, running with my sister, lots of ice cream, trip to SanFrancisco, etc.  This year for the first time we went down to Santa Cruz and stayed with my cousins.  I have 2 that live there that are so cool and fun to hang out with.  Next year I think I’ll organize a painting retreat with them… I’ll have to figure that out.

We got back from it all and picked up our new puppy, he is ridiculously cute and smart and lively. He’s an 8 week blue merle Australian Shepherd.  Maybe part panda bear.

I have some really great photos from Santa Cruz and Monterey that I am looking forward to painting.  Most incredible places I’ve ever been.

I’ll tell you about my cousins fun shop tomorrow, she is a fashion designer.

It’s good to be back!!!



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