Barn in Winter Landscape


There it is.  My barn.  18X24 oil on canvas


19 thoughts on “Barn in Winter Landscape

  1. Wow really nice job on the snow! I know it is not easy to effectively paint the frost white stuff. i always seem to end up with a lot of blue. Yours is clean where it should be.

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    1. Really!? Thank you. I’m feeling so uncertain about this one, I think because of it’s simplicity. I like it too, but I must think things need to be complicated to be a good composition, or something. Anyway, I really appreciate hearing that.!

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      1. I completely understand! I’m always baffled when the technically easy cartoons I draw get heaped with praise and the difficult ones are floundering alone 😉 For the viewers, I think it’s more about the emotion and energy that’s evoked by the paintings rather than how technically good they are. Just my thoughts 🙂


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