Hi!  I’m in between paintings right now so I thought I’d post a portrait I did a while back that I don’t think I’ve shared.  I can’t remember.  I took a picture of my niece Josie last summer while she and my daughter were playing on the beach in the evening.  The sun was casting amazing light on everything.  Josie likes this portrait I did of her better than the first one I did.  I painted this in class one day quickly.  So it’s very loose and alla prima.IMG_3222

This portrait below is the one she is not wild about.  She likes it because I did it, but she is smiling with her mouth shut (because I asked her to) and her hair is down and it’s normally pulled back.  This portrait of Josie is part of a set that I did of my sisters kids.  I’ve considered redoing it so that it reflects her better…



These are some of my first portraits.  Here’s my very first portrait in oils (I’ve drawn lots of portraits over the years)


My sister Jeni.  “What if you were just a head?”


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