Finished and signed! Soon to be delivered.


I finished the painting of my friends beautiful mother.  As I’ve said before, the reference photo I used was a black and white taken in the 60’s.  I’m guessing she was in her 20’s and could have been a movie star.  My friend Jessica looks just like her mother but with brown hair.  Same dimples, eyes, smile, everything.  What a pleasure to paint this portrait for my friend and her father.  I’m so sad for them that they lost her last year.

To finish the painting I did a glaze of liquin and some burnt umber all over the background and in some of the dark parts of her hair.  I also pulled a little of her blonde hair out into the dark background to give it a bit of a glowing look where the light is coming in from the side.  I also went through and made small corrections on all of her features.


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      1. Thank you Juli! I sent her a picture of it and she cried. Her father will cry too. They miss their mom/wife. It breaks my heart, they loved her so much. I met her a few times, she was incredible.


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