Karly and Cade & Spring Break

12X9 oil on canvas

I can tell I’m tired because I can’t remember if I posted the FINAL picture of these two paintings!  I recently got Cade back from being scanned at the art print shop.  Last month I took in a big bunch of paintings to have photographed so I could have some high quality images for my blog with colors that are accurate and also so I can make prints of a few paintings.  My photographs are always a little blurry and I can’t seem to get the colors very well.

Karly and Cade were a commission piece of a brother and sister.  They were a lot of fun for me to paint.  It’s easy to paint beautiful young people.  I should say that painting is never “easy” and is always a struggle and a big leap of faith at the front end, so maybe I should say that it’s a pleasure to paint beautiful young people and see their faces, features, personalities, and especially their eyes come to life.  These two have especially beautiful eyes.   Being a guy, Cade has a few features I’ve never painted before, like whiskers, an adams apple, and a big thick sweatshirt.  And he’s tall.  About a foot taller than me.  So I went over to his house and stood on a chair so I could get a picture of him straight on with no distortion.  I used the very first picture I took.

On a side note, I just got back from our Spring Break to California.  We went to all our favorite spots and even did some new stuff.  I took a lot of photos and over the next few weeks plan to paint a picture to represent each place we went.  I think I’ll post them in order.  It might take me a while, but I plan to paint them small.  I wish I could have set up my easel and painted on location everywhere we went but I don’t think my family would have been happy with waiting around for 2 or 3 hours everywhere we went.  Maybe in 10 years I can do that… but I’m really not looking forward to that (my kids being grown and gone that is).




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