Ballet 1

Ballet 1Ballet I_lores

Oil on canvas 36X48″

Last week I got this painting back from Evermore where I had it professionally photographed so I can have a high quality image for my website and also I will have the option of making giclee prints from a high resolution image.

Two years ago I sat and watched my daughters ballet class during parent observation week.    While I was watching I noticed how the light was pouring in through the window and lighting up the girls hair and backs and also making cool reflections on the floor.  So I pulled out my iPhone and took a bunch of pictures.  This one was my favorite image.  I felt like it captured a small moment in time for me.  And shows each girls individuality.  They were standing in line listening to their teacher “Miss Jessica” who is a beautiful professional dancer at Ballet Idaho, getting ready to make a dance pass across the floor.  At first I only put in the first 5 girls in line but then decided to add the little girl with the skit.  So glad I did.  I worked on this painting over a period of months last year,  it was a real lesson in values and edges.  My favorite part of all of it is the floor.


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