Hi, I’m jill.  I’ve lived in Northern California, Spain, Boston, and now I find myself in Idaho.  I love to make and do things.  I am a little compulsive about everything I do.  The more repetitive something is, the more I like it.  As a kid and through college I was a competitive gymnast and from that grew a love of form, grace, figure, movement, and music.  I love the graceful lines of the human body.  I’ve always drawn and painted figures and have recently moved into painting portraits, and now I’m tackling landscapes.  I studied at the University of California at Davis, where I earned an art studio degree with an emphasis in oil painting, and graduate teaching degrees in art and K-12 education.  I am also a mother, wife, runner, and sometimes I clean my house.


With my sister.  I’m on the right, not wearing orange.  We ran this together (sort of together, she is faster than me).




And I’m a show off.


Big time.


32 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the follow Jill. I love your paintings! My sister was a gymnast so I know the sport quite well. Also our family loved ballet. I think because of those two influences as an adult I have embraced the sport of figure skating – as a fan (read fanatic!)

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  2. Hi Jill, seeing your work, I’m really touched you liked my painting because I am nowhere in your league…and I think will never be! You are an amazing artist!

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    1. Oh, thank you! I love what you are doing. It’s just different from what I’m doing, that’s all. If you wanted you could do realism… I’d like to do more abstract work. I think we all have limitless potential.


  3. Hello 😀 Thanks so much for following along. I love your work – your paintings have so much life to them, and since they are on the other side of the Water, I find them a lot more meaningful and interesting!


  4. Hey Jill, I just had a chance to properly check out all your paintings on your blog – WOW. You are really talented! I’ve got to offer you a big dose of respect. Looking forward to learning some of the techniques you have. Cheers, Sarah


  5. Hi Jill, thank you for your likes and comments on my blog. I think your work is excellent and I wish you every success. You certainly are fit and this will keep you painting well into later years. You probably, because of teaching and family commitments, have very little time to create artwork, I guess. I had to push myself sometimes, but it paid off and I managed to achieve most of my ambitions, art-wise that is! Keep on doing that great artwork. I live in Scotland in a small town with lots of scenery. I hope to travel more in Scotland and produce more landscapes and to take more photos too. My family too have been the greatest resource for myself, when creating paintings and illustrations. I have updated my web quite a bit since you last viewed. Look in the ‘NEW ILLUSTRATIONS’ section at the top bar. This is my most recent work, to date. Keep on, keeping on Jill!
    John D Byars


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