Happy Turtles and Cats

Happy Turtles and Cats 36X48 NFS

A few months ago a friend came over and painted with me in my studio. She had bought a canvas and wanted to paint something new for her living room. She loves abstract paintings so I said I’d help her with color, composition, and such. She spent several hours on her painting and in the end didn’t like it. She left it with me to dry and never said another word about it. And then last week my daughter rearranged and redecorated her room and my friends abstract was perfect for her new space.

So I asked my friend if we could keep her painting and paint something for her in exchange. I had the exact canvas that she had used. So Eowyn and I painted this for her.

Here are the many stages of her painting. First we accidentally painted it horizontal instead of vertical, oops, and had to scrape it off and start over. Eowyn picked the colors and chose how much of each color to add and where to put them. She wanted to leave some of the first painting mistakes showing through, because it was interesting. I’m the blender and mixer. We love how it turned out and will give it to Cody tomorrow. And luckily, she likes it.

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