15 year break

I took a 15 year break from oil painting when I had my kids.  During that time I took up a bunch of different non toxic hobbies.  I thought I’d share some of them with you all.

The first thing I learn how to do was quilt.  I made a lot of quilts, mostly crib sized.2011-02-08_11-49-27_366

Painting with my kids.imgp0453

Doll Making.  imgp0215

Messing around with clay.  Check out the clay in his hair.imgp0108

Halloween costumes.  imgp1541

A lot of cookies.imgp3856

Quilts and dolls.  This quilt was for a chemist.imgp1572imgp0458

Fairies  imgp0233

More quilts and dollsimgp1706

hatsimgp2311And so on…..


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