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imageI’m getting back into the swing of running after a string of running related injuries.  This morning I went running with some of the gals in our group and didn’t discover how far we were running until we were started and on our way.  I may have chickened out if I’d known in advance, but I got through it.  That’s downtown boise waaaay  out there behind us.  I was the one with a camera so I was in charge of the selfie.  I always take my phone and take pics along the way.  It was a little gray today so none of the foothill pics I took are great.  But the selfie was fun.  These women are TOUGH.  And super nice and smart too.

(That’s me in front in blue, if you’re curious)


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      1. Love a good 7 mile jaunt. Hills schmills… lol. I really enjoy your portraits, great use of brushstrokes and underpainting. Students are beginning oil portraits in the next week or so and I’d love to share more of your paintings. Contemporary portrait artist at work.


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