More progress on Morning Paper


I’ve spent some more time working on parts of Morning Paper.  I worked on her hand and outstretched arm.  I wanted her hand to look relaxed and feminine and I feel like I got it there.  Sometimes I look at paintings of women’s hands and they look masculine, other times too dainty.  Hands are a little tricky to paint, same as teeth.  Teeth are also tricky and easy to overdo.  Lots of little parts.

I also worked on bringing out and pushing back things on the bookcase.

I just spent about an hour or so working on her shirt and made almost zero progress.  I’m trying to paint on a flower print and I don’t quite know how to do it without making it look silly.  I give it another shot tomorrow.




3 thoughts on “More progress on Morning Paper

  1. This subject (and your approach, somewhat) reminds me of Edward Hopper and his apparent fascination with people–usually solitary people, even when with others–engaged in ordinary activities. I enjoy such art–well done.


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