Started-wipe back


I started this new portrait yesterday.  First I sketched in where all the features go then I did a wash with oil paint  (I’ve done this technique without a sketch too).  Then I wiped back the light areas using a paper towel and sometimes a little turpentine,  and painted back in some of the dark areas.  I haven’t done this technique for starting a portrait for over a year, I had forgotten how effective and quick it is to get the whole painting moving along all at once.  I stated painting the mouth in color.

This is an image of my friends mother from the 1960’s when she was in her 20’s.




6 thoughts on “Started-wipe back

  1. Beautiful! In these times when we are flooded with camera pics only, a hand made portrait appears like a welcome surprise! Fine artwork! Her smile is beautiful! 🙂


  2. Jill you’re a machine! I don’t know how you manage to produce so many great works so quickly. Full respect to you 🙂 🙂


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