New Projects


I have 2 new projects in the works.  This top picture is of the start of Winter Tree.  There is a great tree along the greenbelt that is huge and craggy and goes in all directions.  So many people love it.  In the fall I went out and took a picture of it with its yellow fall leaves and painted it.

Here’s the painting and the original photo.

On Thursday it snowed a little here.  As I was taking my daughter to school I commented to her that it looked like all the trees had been sprinkled with powdered sugar.  She told me that I should go out to “the tree” and take a picture of it and use it for my Winter Tree version.  So I did and yesterday I sketched it out onto the canvas with paint-raw umber.  This one is a little bigger and closer up than Fall Tree.  It will be monochrome. I like the start.  There are 5 trunks that come out of a big low base.  Kids like to climb on it. There used to be one more really strange low trunk that the city cut off a few years ago.


These 2 cloud painting are my other project.  I will paint a figure on each of them.  They are taking FOREVER to dry because the oil paint is thick.  I painted these exactly a week ago and they are still wet in places.  I painted them thick so there will be paint texture that you will see under the figures.  Here’s one of the finished ones.  This is a set of 3.


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