Here’s the progress.  Yesterday I worked on their skin and lips and the background.  I am keeping the painting style loose on this one.  This is more my style.  I had started painting my portraits with such detail that they started to look like photographs.  Nothing wrong with that, just not what I’m interested in.  I think I wanted to see if I could make everything look really real, and I can, which is nice to know.  There are some minor adjustments I’ll make to their chins but that’s about it for their skin/faces.  I haven’t done anything to their eyes or teeth yet other than measure measure measure to make sure their lips were right and Sophias eyeballs were in the right place.  She looks a little sleepy right now, but here eyeballs are in the right place.  Gabby’s good, and beautiful.  I like how their hair, faces, and bodies blend into each other.

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