My Nephew larger than life. This is the first portrait that I did in this style and it continues to be my favorite. His messy hair, crooked smile, squinty eyes, chubby cheeks, and jammies are all very Mason. I took his and his sisters photographs when I was visiting last spring. When I took his sisters pictures I asked them not to smile because I didn’t want to paint their teeth, but this guy would not stop being silly and talking. So all I had to work from were pictures of him talking and with teeth. When I painted his teeth I started by blocking in their basic shape and color and thought I’d address them later. Then revisited the idea of painting them in more detail and decided I like them just as they are. And I’ve done all my portraits teeth similarly… just suggested. I’m not very afraid of teeth anymore. I must have taken this picture before I was all the way finished with it because none of the little space aliens on his top have eyes. And the blue is just the first hit of blue. Thanks for looking. Happy Monday!


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