Huge Pears


Last year my little sister Sara built a house.  She and her husband designed it and my mother and her crew helped build it.  My mother is a general contractor, among other things.  It’s a cool house, sort of industrial looking with all white walls,  and wood, metal, and concrete.  Sara was worried that it would feel stark and cold so she enlisted everyone that can hold a paintbrush to make art for her house.  Her kids, my kids, our niece, and I all did some paintings for her.  Last spring we had an art factory going on at my parents place.  Sara wanted big colorful paintings of fruit.  So she bought some big canvases, we bought some pears and lemons, and I painted this still life.  I think it’s 3’X4.’  I really got my Wayne Thibaud on with this shadow.  Thanks Wayne for all your beautiful still lifes.  And thanks Sara for being my biggest fan.  She has a lot of paintings from me because she’s such a good cheerleader.  I’ll eventually post all the stuff I’ve done for her new house.

36″X48″ oil on canvas

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