School Art Auctions



2015 art auction project.  Huge quilt.


This years project.  First step.

There are several of us “art mom’s” working together on our kids class art auction project. Every year I’m involved in coming up with an idea and helping the kids execute the project.  The idea is for the kids to produce something that is kid made, that they love, have a connection to, is high art, and that their parents will want to buy for a lot of money.  The high art part is a lot of pressure.  It’s to raise money for the school.  Last year I spent a about a billion hours working on a class quilt with the kids.  It was wonderful and amazing and I will never do that again.  My compulsive quilting phase has passed.  This year we are doing a multi media piece.  I’ll post each phase.  I think there will be 4 phases.


2014 auction project

What do you like to create?

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