Atticus and Ruby


Here I go.  I plan on writing a bit about each piece I post.  I’d love to share my work with you.

Atticus and Ruby 12″x18″ oil on canvas

This painting is of my cousins beautiful kids.  My cousin saw the 3 portraits I did of my sisters kids and either she asked or I offered to paint her children.  I chose to paint the kids with contrasting backgrounds,  they will be framed together as one piece.  In college I loved the art of the Baroque period with dramatic contrast between light and dark & the work of Wayne Thibaud and his use of color in shadow and how he laid down paint- like frosting on a cake.  Some of this is reflected here and really in all my paintings.

My cousin is an artist as well and she is painting still lifes of lemons and pears for me in exchange!   Seems appropriate since she’s from Southern and I’m from Northern California.  Anyone from Ukiah has a special place in their heart for pears.  And I’m sure she had lemon trees in her yard.  Grandma did down there.






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