img_9279Abstracted Rabbit

4X5″ oil on canvas

It’s funny.  Sometimes when I paint I will look at an image on my phone as a reference image and then paint on a canvas.  But the dimensions of my phone are different than the canvas so things get shortened or elongated.  I visually divide my phone image into quarters and sometimes I even paint marks on the screen of my phone as references.  And I end up with a rabbit, or whatever, that is much shorter or longer than the image I’m looking at.  Make sense?  I just let it happen, it’s kind of funny to me.  And really, what does it matter?  It doesn’t.

And, as soon as all my little January paintings are dry I’m going to take them in and have them scanned so I have a good digital image.  Then I will list them all on Etsy, I’ll keep you posted.


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