A fun start

img_968548X36 oil on canvas

I sketched this in today and I’m going to let it dry before working on it again.  I have been itching  to move away from realism, but at the same time want to paint certain subject matter, like landscape and figures, without getting caught up in trying to represent exactly what I see.  But still representing the image.   I am going through my own personal modernist movement.  For now it’s more about color and shape for me.  There’s nothing too deep about my paintings, my work is just about me trying to recreate the beauty that surrounds me, in my own way.  And I paint to satisfy my never ending drive to make things.


Rabbit Print

img_8976Hi all.  Here’s my Etsy link:   I’ve listed one of my Giclee prints on Etsy.   I’m going to put the rest of the rabbit originals and prints on Etsy soon.  I had everything scanned and I need to upload the images.

I’m wondering what the market is like on Etsy for prints.  Do people buy prints online?  This rabbit print is 5×5″ square on watercolor paper.  I’ve listed it for $15 which to me feels affordable.  The image is 4″ square, same as the original on canvas, but has a 1/2 inch white border and will fit into a 5″ frame.

Art in the Bar Show


Thanks for your nice comments and encouragement about the show today.  In my opinion it was a great success.  A lot of people came through, I met a bunch of great people, learned some things, and sold some of my work.  I got a lot of kind feedback.  You can’t ask for too much more than that!

I made a bunch of little Giclee prints of my little paintings.  As well as bigger prints of my ballet paintings and a few other things.  I’ll put them up in Etsy now.  I’ll post a link soon.

Have a great weekend!!


Surreal Rabbit

img_9660This one looks a little better in person than in the photo.  I sat down today in front of a little 5″ white canvas with nothing in mind about what to paint, other than I’m on a rabbit streak, and this happened.  I think it’s fun.

Tomorrow I’m showing my work at a local art show.  I had a bunch of Giclee prints made.  Fingers crossed!