Happy New Year!🎆🎊

IMG_8789.JPGAnother late night critterscape.  I wait until everyone is in bed to paint.  My kids don’t mind me painting while they are home from school over Christmas vacation, but I’ve found that I can’t concentrate on painting while they are all going different directions.  And then I feel frustrated.  So my solution is to paint at night.  All these critterscapes are 4×4″ so they don’t take too long.  I’m not sure why but I enjoy painting rabbits, so I’ll probably put a little more time into painting a bigger one.

These little paintings are fun for me because when I sit down to paint one I have no idea where it will go.  In the process of painting they bring themselves out.  Perhaps that’s why I don’t like to paint the same thing twice.  I like bringing things to life.  People are a lot of fun to bring to life too.  I need to get back on figure painting.

At my show someone wanted to buy my 36×48″ “Ballet 1″ painting and I had to tell them it wasn’t for sale.  I love that one and it is meaningful to me for many reasons.  So I’ll start another big figure painting that I can part with someday.

On a side note, I did sell my 36×48” Monterey Cypress tree painting, that was a nice boost.

Happy New Year!  Thanks for following along!!



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