Dog Portrait Commission

My first doggie portrait!  I take that back, it’s my 5th.  LOL

8X10″ oil on canvas

Doggie Commission



Better in Black and White


Sometimes paintings look better in black and white, this is for sure one of those cases.

I’m going to take a second shot at this one when it dries.

I thought I’d share a bit of my Critterscape process.  Nothing groundbreaking, I sketch with paint and then paint.  I once heard someone say that they make a lot of lines when they sketch, because one of them will be right.  That’s my approach.


I’ve been considering making a set of greeting cards of my winter critters.  My thought is to sell them at local “Made in Idaho” shops and probably on Etsy.

What do you think?  (I’d get rid of the giant red signature on the squirrel).  I wonder if people would buy them.    I think they would be unique holiday/Christmas cards.

Also, that first elk is growing on me, I’m thinking of painting him big.


Ballet I_lores

Color, texture, light, and form come together in Idaho-based artist Jill Millward’s oil paintings of portraits and landscapes.

via Jill Millward Artwork — Discover

I was recently featured on the Discover feed here on WordPress and picked up some new followers.

Welcome!  I hope you find inspiration in my compulsive behavior.😀🤡🌈🦊😎👍

I have a lot of goals and irons in the fire right now.  A small painting a day, a big painting a month, and a sweet line up of commission work.  👍  We will see how it all shakes out.

Monterey Cypress

img_90584×4″ oil on deep edge canvas

A painting from my sisters photo.

Last month my sister was in Monterey and took a picture of this tree and sent it to me.  My other sister saw it and let me know she’d like it painted big for her bedroom, like 60X48″ I think.  It was funny because when I was in Monterey last summer I photographed the same tree and painted it pretty big, 48×36″.  And sold it just before Christmas 😀👍.

Here’s the painting from the image I took.