Critterscape #1

img_8754My ongoing 2017 project will be Critterscapes.  I enjoy painting these quick small pieces and trying different compositions.  At the end of the year I hope to take them all in to have them scanned and made into some sort for children’s book.  Maybe an animal ABC or the likes.  We will see.

I also still plan to continue my beach scenes, I have 11 more to go!

And I want to paint a few big pieces.


Cabin scenes

I received this commission just before Christmas.  A friend who has a cabin up near McCall, Idaho asked me to paint 5 different cabin scenes on blocks of wood from her property.  She went out and collected the fallen wood, planed it down, and finished it, and passed it on to me to use as the painting surfaces.  The project came right down to the wire but was all dry and ready to be given, one to each of her 5 kids, for Christmas.  I especially like the summer scenes because I can’t stand snow.  I told her to give this first one to her favorite child.  She knew I was joking.  I like how they look, it took me a little bit to get a feel for how the paint moved across the sealed wood.  The texture is different, but I have painted on a lot of different things now.  Cool project for a super cool gal.img_8605img_8608

All that snow makes me want to cry looking at it.  But they love snow.img_8586Big mossy rock in the creek.  img_8619

I think there was a car buried under the snow.img_8585

My friends son

imageI just, By the skin of my teeth, finished this cute kids portrait.  I painted this for my friend for her birthday which is tomorrow. I have a cool frame to put it in but the painting is still wet!  Darn it.  Last year I painted a portrait of her daughter for her bday.  She has 5 kids so 3 more to go over the next 3 years.  This guy has a cute shy smile, I could not get him to warm up and show me his teeth.