Oct 31st Catalpa and Maple

imageHere’s another painting of trees at Manitau (dog) park. 5×7 oil on canvas.

I wanted to paint this because I like the bright colors of the changing fall leaves contrasted with the dark tangle of trees and bushes behind them.


Oct 29th Trees- Plein Air

imageToday I packed all my stuff into the back of my car and went out and painted on location.  I painted as fast as I could because I was limited by time.  I don’t normally paint on location.  There are a lot of variables from weather to time that make it tricky, as all Plein Air painters know.  If I could I would always paint on location.  I felt a little funny doing it.  It’s one thing to do it with a group, but all alone…I attracted more attention than I wanted.  This painting is a little bigger than the other little landscapes I’ve been doing.  9×12″. I’m going to look at it again in a few days and see what else I can do with it.


Sunrise over Tablerock

imageThis morning while I was out walking bandit I noticed how beautiful the sunrise was over Tablerock.  So I went inside, grabbed my headlamp and a little canvas and sketched out this dark little scene.  Then went inside and painted it.  It took about an hour, and it looks like it.  I’ll put some more time into it to see where it can go.  The color in the sky looks better in the painting than the photo of the painting.  The dark paint was hard to photograph.

This painting bothers my daughter because I originally painted in my neighbors house, then I painted it out.  She liked it with the house.  This is what it would look like if there were no houses in my neighborhood.  We’d have a lovely unobscured view of Tablerock.

Today’s trees

imageHere we have today’s fall trees.  This little landscape feels very happy to me, maybe it’s the googly eyed fire hydrant.  There was a chain on the hydrant connecting the 2 white spouts that looked like a smile but I painted it out when I did some shading.  I might need to put that back in. 😀🍁🍂🌿🍃🌲🌳🎄