Munchkin on the Beach: done

imageI finished this one today, for the most part.  I might go back and do this or that but not much.  It came together fast and is more colorful that just about anything I’ve done.  I love color but am afraid of overdoing it.

I like the way her swimsuit turned out, I love painting stripes, and better yet, stripes with shadows.  I like the reflections in the wet sand.  Originally the sand was a lighter lavender, but I came back and darkened it.  I don’t normally paint dark over light but in this case I like the effect.

14×18″ oil on canvas


WIP Ruby and Atticus on the beach


I got a great start on painting Ruby and Atticus playing on the beach in Santa Cruz.    I wasn’t sure about it when I started, but I really love it.  Sorry cousin Heidi, you might have to paint your own!  These are my cousins kids and she took this photograph on my orders since she is there in California and I am here in Idaho.  She’s a great photographer and painter.  Heidi painted 3 great still life’s for me in exchange for portraits of her kids.

And this is what it looks like when you put your gloves on inside out.image

Ruby sketch

imageHere’s the sketch of my next painting.  What I learned from this is that I need to take the time to find a better pencil to use.

This is Ruby, my cousins daughter.  She is a little munchkin and seriously the most lovable little girl you could imagine.  She is tiny and spunky and always on the move.

This painting will be #5 in my Santa Cruz, CA beach series.  I have some Mendocino, CA paintings planned.


I got a running start on this painting today.  It’s 12×24″.


I homeschool my daughter half time so I usually only have about 2 or 3 hours a day to paint, and other things often fill that time.  But today miss lady Eowyn went on an all day field trip so I had a nice block of time to get this painting moving.

It’s important to me for this painting to be really innocent.  I still have quite a bit of work to do on her skin and swimsuit.  I want the suit to have that little girl baggy frilly feel to it.  And the warm sun to shine down on her.  I know exactly what she was doing because I was doing the same thing nearby.  Lying in the warm sun trying to stay warm on a sunny but not that warm of a day.  I’m sure I was wrapped in a blanket looking like a creeper with my camera.

thinking of creeps, how about that debate last night?



Yesterday I worked more on the couple sitting on a log.  I worked out and cooled off the skin on both of them to separate them from the main figure which is the lanky preteen walking across the beach.  You can see that I plugged in the little girl in the distance.  I also worked on the guys hat.  I like the way they look.

I’m working on building up a series of beach paintings and figure paintings.  I’d like to show my work in a gallery and my attitude is that if I don’t try it certainly won’t happen.  So I am going to try.  So far I have 2 that are the quality of work that I’d show.  This one, which is still in progress, and the kids playing in the wave.  I have my next painting planned.  I plan to paint 20.