Finished! 😀

imageThis one was a pleasure to paint from beginning to end.  Originally I drew this scene in pulled way back so you could see 2 surfers as well, and the girls and wave were pretty small.  I redrew it way closer up.  I felt intimidated by the wave and water at first because I haven’t painted a wave before.  I started by blocking in the green part of the wave and then everything fell into place.  I love the wave and the gestures of the cute and super innocent looking little girls.  I’m sure I’ll be on to another beach scene soon.  Have a great day!!


8 thoughts on “Finished! 😀

  1. Wow! Really nice on the movement of the water and translucent wave too. I agree that moving water and waves are intimidating! The running figures are great too. I want to try adding figures to my landscapes too.

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