Finished! 😀

imageThis one was a pleasure to paint from beginning to end.  Originally I drew this scene in pulled way back so you could see 2 surfers as well, and the girls and wave were pretty small.  I redrew it way closer up.  I felt intimidated by the wave and water at first because I haven’t painted a wave before.  I started by blocking in the green part of the wave and then everything fell into place.  I love the wave and the gestures of the cute and super innocent looking little girls.  I’m sure I’ll be on to another beach scene soon.  Have a great day!!

Progress on the wave


Here’s where I’m at today.  I blocked in basic skin tones with mainly 2 values of light and dark.  I also worked some on the foamy water that the girls are standing in. When I paint in their swimsuits and the little hand trowel in the little ones hand I will have paint all over the whole thing.  Then I can fine tune all of it.  I like the way the wave looks.


Playing on the Beach

imageHere is the start of my new painting, I have finally drawn it in.  It’s of two little girls playing on the beach in Santa Cruz in front of a beautiful wave.  I’m looking forward to painting it.  The colors of the wave are out of this world, hopefully I’ll be able to bring it all to life.  Here’s to hoping and trying!