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I thought I’d share one of my portrait painting tricks with you all.  I like getting to this stage in the portrait.  Features are painted and fairly accurate.  The first coat of paint is mostly dry.   At this point one by one I refine each feature.  I take a picture of the actual  photo I’m working from and a picture of my painting, crop them to the same size, and flip back and forth between the two on my phone.  Corrections become really obvious that way.  I’ve found that I have to trick my brain into seeing how something actually is, and not what I assume it is.

I also measure the heck out of everything using my dividers.

This is the photo from when I was working on her mouth.  I think this is before corrections, I can see a few things that need to be changed.

I’m working from a black and white photo from the 60’s so this portrait has been a little more challenging.  At first I painted it practically in sepia tones.  I paint what I see so I have to overcome the black and white.


7 thoughts on “portrait painting

  1. Thank you for sharing these tips.
    I am a beginner amateur and only experimenting with poor colour pencils
    at the moment but finding the strife overtaking the pleasure.
    Your Art is quite noticeable and i m sure i can learn a lot from observing
    as well as enjoying the finished results.

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