Barn in Winter Landscape


There it is.  My barn.  18X24 oil on canvas


Winter Landscape


There are some things I’m trying to figure out with the painting.   A friend asked me to paint a winter scene with a red barn in a snowy landscape.  She found an image that she really likes and asked if I would paint it for her, and I did.  The thing is, it was just the red barn surround by white snow and white sky and really nothing else.  In a small photo I think it all looked nice but in a 18X24″ painting it was a little too stark and not that great.  So I’ve introduced some trees and a hill back there.  It’s not finished, I have painted the barn but I’m mostly focused on creating some sort of interesting space around the barn.  I’d like to introduce some other subtle shades of gray, grayish yellow, and whatnot.  I’m sure this will evolve into something different as I go through the process of trying different things.

Coolest people ever


I love this picture of my son Sammy with Geoff Krueger (check out his website and find one of his galleries and go buy some his amazing artwork, you won’t regret it) in his studio.  Sammy was taking a studio tour for an out of class art experience required for his art class.  That painting in the background is one of Geoff’s outstanding beach scenes.  I was trying to get Sammy, Geoff, and that painting in my picture here.  It’s in a gallery in Laguna Beach, CA right now.  Geoff shows is work in a bunch of galleries around the country.  Mr. Geoff is the best painter in town (in my opinion).  I have bought 3 amazing paintings from Geoff that I couldn’t love more.  He just did some studies of the California coast and I have claimed them too,  but I hear that I am in competition with his daughter for them!


Boise Foothills Runners


18X24″ oil on canvas

I finished the 2nd runner painting today.  You might notice that I took the upper foothills out altogether and put  in sky and a new hill back there.  I fought with those hills a lot and had them all different colors and shapes and finally scraped it all off.  I wanted this painting to have a different look and feel than the last and I think this change accomplished that.  I also had the chance to try out my new signature.  I have complained a lot about the letters in my name and how I don’t think they look good as a signature.  The L’s and the final D in Millward bother me, too many vertical lines.  So there it is.  I’m hoping I can evolve it into something looser.  It’s a little silly to even talk about it, I know…

I got the other runner painting back from the framer yesterday and delivered it to it’s new home.  I had it framed in a natural maple reveal/floating frame.  It looked perfect.

Clamming in Maine


I’m so excited to have the professionally scanned image to share with you on my blog.  I wanted to wait until the painting was given as a gift before posting it so I wouldn’t somehow spoil the surprise through social media or whatnot.  I got the report back today that it was very well received and that the grandmother of all these kids “burst into tears and sobbed” over it.  She hung it above their fireplace.  I’m so flattered.  They had it framed before having it shipped off to Maine for a 50th wedding anniversary celebration and I know the frame looked great.  I am honored to be a part of it.


Runner progress

FullSizeRender-146Here is where I’m at with this runner painting.  It’s not done yet, you’ll see that the runners don’t have feet yet and only the gal in pink is mostly done.  I worked on the background quite a bit yesterday.  My issue with this one is that I’ve painted it before, and so it feels a little less interesting to me.  I like to see things come to life and I feel like I already did that with this one.  But the colors are different and calmer and I have to remember that’s why I did it.  I like it.

I’m going to start a tree painting today.  3X4 feet.  Just for something a little different and big.  I have a canvas that’s been waiting around to be painted.

The work of Suzette Vida!

Check out the delightful pet paintings of Suzette Vida! I have been following Suzette since I started my blog at the beginning of this year. In fact, she was one of my first followers, if not my first. I always look forward to seeing her next pet portrait. She’s great at people portraits too. I’ve scrolled back and looked at just about all of the paintings she has posted, 50 or so, and I love them all. There is one of a grumpy looking cat that might be my favorite. You should follow along and see what she does. Her pets are all so happy, free, and easy looking.

pet painting a day

roscoe “Roscoe” Acrylic on 12×12 canvas

Let’s pretend the last month didn’t happen, shall we?

Here is Roscoe.  He’s a senior long haired dachsund that lives with some dear friends of ours in Georgia.  Roscoe has kept up with two active kids for the past 8 years and has been loved by his family for over 10 years!  I’ve met him a few times, and he is full of personality and spunk!  His parents have been great friends to my husband for over 20 years, and are wonderful and caring people. Roscoe is a very fortunate dog to be a part of their family.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you doggy dads and people dads out there!

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