Oh Watercolors, where have you been all my life?


Happy Birthday!  I celebrated the April & May birthdays with my running group and got a stack of cards from everyone.

My birthday is on Mother’s Day this year.  I’ve requested a box of chocolate from my family.

I think there are close to 20 women in our running group and they/we celebrate every  possible occasion.  Lots of wine and coffee, although I don’t drink either.  At our last birthday celebration back in March we celebrated 5 birthdays with everyone giving everyone gifts.  It was becoming a little much so they decided to back off the gifts and just give cards.  All my cards were very funny.  I had the idea to paint little birthday cards for my running buddies as their birthdays come up.  Here’s my first watercolor cupcake.  I did a few in oils last year, but holy cow I love the simplicity of watercolors.  I have quickly learned that simplicity is key.  I tried one other cupcake before this and ended up ripping it to pieces.  I was trying to paint like I would with oils building layers and it was an absolute mess.  Plus I only have a few colors so I’m really limited.  I love it.



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      1. Hi Jill! Yes I used to mainly do watercolour. I dislike the idea, however, that they need to be framed behind glass. It means you cannot even give one as a present to friends, since they then have to buy a frame for it. A small oil panel I can frame myself or give as is as a present. But watercolour is really great, for me a very spiritual type of medium that opens ons up in many ways. I will follow your watercolors with interest, and maybe post some pictures of my old watercolours.

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  1. limited is sweet! like your cupcake 🙂 There is something magical (and maddening!) about watercolor. I have challenged myself because of another blogger and that is to do nothing but paint in watercolor for the month of May. Who knows I might go longer! 🙂

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    1. There is something magical about them. It reminds me a little of glazing ceramics, you have to accept whatever the medium does and you can’t control everything. At least I can’t! I look forward to seeing your watercolors throughout May.

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  2. Very nice. I love how simple it is. I’ve always loved the look of watercolor, but have been intimidated by it. I’ve tried it in the past and it always ends in disaster. Maybe I’ll try it again.

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  3. I LOVE this Jill – I get so frustrated with watercolours, except when I use them for loose plein air sketching. When I try and attempt a more considered piece I get mud. I think you’re right -simple is key.

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  4. yummy cupcake — and the cupcake of thought has zero calories — so the proverb is realized that you have your cake and eat it too (vicarious eating) — indeed and there’s still some to share!

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  5. I like your cupcake. I have been painting in watercolors for over ten years, and some acrylics. I have never tried oils mainly because I don’t have enough ventilation in my house for them. However, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE watercolors so much! I am really surprised when I meet oil painters who comment on how hard watercolors are to control. Well, not really! Have fun! 🙂

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  6. Watercolors take lots of practice until you figure out how to layer and blend colors on the page or how much water to add to the paint. I found them frustrating at first many years ago, but I really love them now. 🙂 Keep at it if you like their look!


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