Auction Piece & Marathon Monday!


Done!  Off to be framed today.  I’m so happy with how this little painting came together, it’s simple and sweet, and I hope it will appeal to a parent or two at my daughters school art auction this Saturday.  I’ll let you know how it does!

I drove by the peak the other day and thought about how when you are right in front of it you can’t see the much taller hills behind it because of the angle and perspective, but if you look from a mile away you see that there are huge hills that loom over it from behind.  Interesting.

8X8″ oil on canvas

Here are 2 stages of my little hill, looking at the 2 together I’m happy with how the sage brush in front turned out.  I think the first photo should be a little bluer, the final photo is pretty true.

I’ve been looking at landscapes by Michael Workman and loving the simple elegance of his work.  Check out his landscapes.

AND!  The Boston Marathon is today.  I’ll be tracking 5 friends that are running it.  I ran it last year and the year before and will enjoy just watching and cheering this year.  The people of Boston really love their race.  GO Rachelle, Shaunna, Kaidree, Robin, and Jacqueline!!  All amazing runners.  Last year Robin, who is 65, was 2nd in her age group and ran with an elite #.  Last year I ran it with my cute running partner Amanda and we both just about froze to death.  Ah marathons, why do we do it??

Happy Monday!!  Oh, and I’m excited to have 3 new commission pieces.  They will be a fun challenge.  I’m so honored and flattered to paint these pieces.

Thanks for the nice response to my last foothills painting, much appreciated.  XOXO


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