Here we have darling Ruby.  Adorable, sweet, charming, huggy, spunky, quick, funny, smart Ruby.  She’s my cousin Heidi’s little girl, Atti’s little sister.  I painted this portrait from a photo my cousin sent me that was taken at a professional modeling shoot.  They had lights on her and fans and her hair was blowing in the wind.  It was a little hard to paint from such a perfect photo, I don’t know why.  I look forward to FINALLY giving  these two portraits to Heidi.  They have been finished for a while and I have been enjoying their company in my art studio.  I love all the little faces I have on the walls of my studio.

These two are intended to be framed together.

And here they are keeping me company where I paint.  I’m working on a couple of new paintings (not pictured) that I’m excited to show you on Monday.  I need to finish Winter Tree too, I see I put it on my easel.





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  1. Your composition and the quirky and candid pieces just make me so happy! You have a GREAT style!


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