These two paintings are a set.  Next week I’m taking Cade’s portrait in to be professionally photographed so the image will look as accurate as his sisters.  It’s hard for me to photograph color accurately.  The background colors are the same in the actual paintings.  Here Cade is much yellower.




I finished Cade’s portrait yesterday and am happy with how he turned out.  I painted his portrait in a looser style than I did his sisters because I thought the less finessed bolder brushstrokes would look more masculine.  Cade has beautiful eyes in real life, very light blue/green.  He has a quiet and kind personality and I think this comes through in his portrait.  I like the feel of his sweatshirt, it looks thick and warm.  His mouth gave me a little run for it because I didn’t want him to look like he was wearing lipstick.  I look forward to seeing his and his sisters portraits together.  I enjoyed the challenge of this one.  I like how it looks in black and white so I converted the image.


Huge Pears


Last year my little sister Sara built a house.  She and her husband designed it and my mother and her crew helped build it.  My mother is a general contractor, among other things.  It’s a cool house, sort of industrial looking with all white walls,  and wood, metal, and concrete.  Sara was worried that it would feel stark and cold so she enlisted everyone that can hold a paintbrush to make art for her house.  Her kids, my kids, our niece, and I all did some paintings for her.  Last spring we had an art factory going on at my parents place.  Sara wanted big colorful paintings of fruit.  So she bought some big canvases, we bought some pears and lemons, and I painted this still life.  I think it’s 3’X4.’  I really got my Wayne Thibaud on with this shadow.  Thanks Wayne for all your beautiful still lifes.  And thanks Sara for being my biggest fan.  She has a lot of paintings from me because she’s such a good cheerleader.  I’ll eventually post all the stuff I’ve done for her new house.

36″X48″ oil on canvas

My Guy Portrait #2


He’s getting there.  Yesterday I worked on his blue sweatshirt and the background.  Both came right together and they are done.  Yahoo.  I’ll let this guy dry and then come back and give the skin and features another pass.  But I am really happy with how he is coming along.  Especially his neck and sweatshirt.  He’s a young looking 21 yr old,  but he’s tall.  He’s 6’3″ and I had to stand on a chair to shoot his picture straight on without the weird distortion from my short perspective.


My Guy Portrait #1


Here’s the progress I made on my guy yesterday.  He’s not my guy, he’s my friends son, I could be his mother.

I think I mentioned in my last post about him when he was just a line drawing that I was nervous for this portrait.  I’m not nervous about painting girls and boys, but guys/men are new territory.  I was afraid he would look girly.  But after this first hit I don’t think he looks feminine, so I’m feeling less nervous.  I think I held my breath for several hours yesterday while working on him.  One of these day I will just pass out while painting.  Whatever you have heard, painting is not relaxing, not at all, not for me.  I painted his face and got to the whiskers on his chin/jaw and stopped,  but they sorta look like they are there with the blue underpainting showing.  Today I will paint his sweatshirt and the background.  Then in a few days I will go in for more color and another layer to his skin and focus in on each feature one at a time.  He has lovely ice blue/green eyes that are just about there.  The pencil lines you see help me tremendously, but I have painted portraits without them.






I’ve decided to zero in on portraits.  I started going in every direction with painting but my real interest for now is painting portraits and figures.  Maybe next year I will tackle the still life.

I painted a portrait of this beautiful 13 year old girl.  I wanted to paint her portrait because I like her and because of her long long straight hair and beautiful rosy complexion.  She has a fun happy personality that lights up a room.  I gave the portrait to her mother for Christmas and it was well received, thank goodness.  It’s scary giving someone a portrait of their child because its fairly easy to paint features but difficult to capture personality.  I love how her brown eyes sparkle in this portrait.

I changed the chroma in the photograph of this painting, just for fun.  It punched up the red and purple in her hair.  It reminds me of the paintings I did last summer of my sisters kids.  I like the painting both ways.

Su padre es mejicano por eso el nombe “Sonrisa.” Ella es bien linda y siempre tiede una sornrisa en su cara.

New Portrait


I’m starting a new portrait today.  This one is of a 20 year old guy, so I’m moving into new territory.  I have painted a few portraits of boys, the oldest being a 15 year old.  But 20 year olds look like men not boys.  Boys still have that pretty look that girls have and I’m much more familiar with painting girls.  I’m have been surrounded by girls all my life.  Men are handsome.  This guy that I’m going to paint is handsome and I’m hoping I can make him look handsome and manly and not too pretty.  He has terrific ice blue/green eyes.  He has whiskers.  I went out and took his photograph last week and he was a good sport.  I took a close up of his eyes and asked him what color his eyes here and he said he didn’t know because he is colorblind.  So I can do anything I want with him!  Not really, this painting is for his mother.  To go along with the “senior portrait” of his lovely sister.  So far I have him photographed and the drawing set up.